Keepin’ Tabs

July, 2016

Jack Ferguson, Ed.


Next Gathering: Saturday, July 2ndThe Paint Creek Jerry Stephens and Mary St Clair Memorial Picnic!

Where:  Annette Richards has agreed to welcome us to her house again this year – thanks Annette!

She’s at 136 Cherokee Road, Pontiac, MI 48341, (248) 334-9214. Cherokee runs North and South between Voorhies and M59 (West Huron), a few blocks East of Telegraph. Her house is at the corner of Cherokee and Menomonee.

What to Bring: Paint Creek provides all paper goods, condiments and bottled water. You should bring your own meat or other entrée to grill, a pot luck dish (see below), and feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages. Also, bring your instruments – and a lawn chair is a pretty good idea for when you’re outdoors.

Now for the pot luck dish – to help ensure some variety at dinner, we’re asking everyone with last names starting with H–Z to bring a snack, appetizer or salad. For last names A-G, please bring a desert or after dinner treat. Of course, if you have a special dish that you’d like to bring, please do!

When: The fun begins at 3:30. We’ll start off with jamming, probably indoors and out. The grill will be fired up staring around 4:00 or so and available as long as needed. Then it’s back to jamming and visiting until dusk.

What about the circles?  Participants in our typical circles, native flute, banjo, fiddle, etc. are encouraged to bring their instruments to the picnic and bless the scene with lots of music. And don’t forget your Rise Up books for sing-alongs.

Host: Annette Richards

Song Swap Theme: You are free to pick!

A note from the Prez:

What a nice presentation on Polish costuming and dance! I felt bad having to cut off the questions.

The instrumental jam was a little low key, but that’s OK. We had some new tunes come in from the fiddlers, which was a nice addition. And Dotty helped with reminders about jamming protocol, and tips on how to accompany different types of tunes, including rhythms and accents, for the guitars in particular.  I’m looking forward to seeing how we progress next year. The more we do this, the more tunes we all know and can jam to.

July theme: Picnic at Annette’s place in Pontiac. No formal song swap, but you can offer up pretty much anything to jam to or to sing along with.

Reminders:  I’m workin’ on next year’s theme list – let me know if you have some favorites (already got some suggestions) – I’ll give ‘em all consideration.

Also, Maggie Fergusson is our Tin Whistle Chair, but she will need lots of help. Be on the look-out for requests and PLEASE STEP RIGHT UP if you can.

Board Meetings are a Big Time: Our next scheduled meeting will be on June 26th at 3:00 pm. Jack and Maggie Ferguson will be hosting.

Elections: Congratulations and thank you to all those who accepted nominations and are willing to serve Paint Creek this coming year. We have much to do. But first things first though, let’s have a picnic!

Where the Creek Flows: Dedicated to PCFS members’ events.

Live! From the Living Room Acoustic Showcase is on summer vacation. Between tending Daffodils, planting onion sets and breaking in a new composter, Maggie is gathering our next season’s acts. See you in September, for more information, go to

To submit all your upcoming gigs and events, email the details to Jack, KT Editor, at . To have your event in the KT I will need the info by the 15th.


Ridin’ Drag: “Somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a Harley Davidson.” Do you remember that Neil Young song? Well yesterday my pal Rich Griffith pulled out of Santa Monica Ca. to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. What does Hoka Hey mean? Some folk suggest this Lakota phrase translates, “It’s a good day to die.” But don’t assume that the Lakota people celebrated a reckless, cavalier attitude toward life. The wise Lakota elders will tell you; today might be a good day to die, based on the life you lived. Rather they teach that the most accepted interpretation is, “Come on, let’s go!” Rich did and is number 725. By now he might be on a long dry stretch of scorched two lane humming that tune.

Where you are going matters, as does what you are going to do. Last weekend Dave Falk was at the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival. What do you suppose Dave was doing, based on his location? Friday past I was visiting with some friends and played the chorus of “Spring Time in the Rockies.” It was the first time I tried playing it in front of anyone, other than our cat. My effort was rough but fun and well received. You see, I fulfilled my promise to the gentleman who had requested the song months before. Back in December I had walked out of his residence saying to myself,” Hoka Hey J.D.! Let’s go learn that tune!”

A while back I decided to remain where that spirit runs free, because it is contagious. I pray to be infected repeatedly. Three people that I know were carriers of the Hoka Hey attitude; Jerry Stephens, Mary St. Clair and Denise Mary Stein. Not on Harley Davidsons, but going full tilt all the same. So let’s go to the picnic. We’ll celebrate Independence Day, and cheer on number 725!

Jack D. Ferguson, Editor


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