Keepin’ Tabs

April, 2015

Jack Ferguson, Ed


Next Gathering: In Lawnridge Hall on April 4th.

Uke Can Too: Evie Boss won’t be available for April but she encourages the uke monsters to prepare for her return in May and Mighty Uke Day on Friday May 8th.

Flute Circle: The best flute deal in town. Meet at 5:30 with Don Hays. Come sooner if you want; they always set up early.

Banjo Massacre-Circle: 6:00 – Nothing will warm a cold March morning like some gentle clawhammer banjo. Of course you could spend your time waiting for the release of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book “Killing Clawhammer”… but people wouldn’t you rather learn to play Cluck Old Hen?

Harmonica Circle: 6:00 Andy Mather says, “If you can breathe you can enjoy the harmonica.” Join the fun; bring a harp in the key of C. Don’t have one? No worries; we’ll supply you with a brand new harp to keep and enjoy!

Presentation: David Martinka will help us step back into a time when native flutes were used to heal the soul and to bring peace to people’s hearts. His expertise lies in Native American flutes as well as fujaras and koncovkas, native flutes from his own Slovak roots.

Snack Hosts: Jim and Dianne Foley

Hat Band: Paul and Ursula Jacques join up with a mystery guest.

Song Swap Theme: Envy

Inch by Inch, Row by Row: From Theresa Ericson

Remember the Victory Garden? Several years ago I had the opportunity to talk first with a couple who live in Scotland and also the pastor at our sister church in Tanzania. I found out that where they live, despite having vastly different lifestyles and climates, most people have a job and grow a lot of their own food. This was also true in my parents and grandparents lives. I thought everyone who eats, even non-gardeners might find this article and magazine interesting…,even if you skim it you will get the point and hopefully be impressed.

I’m convinced that an investment in the transport of organic waste to composting facilities and back to urban and suburban gardens and small farms would make a positive impact on the quantity and quality of locally grown food. Warmer temps and this article have me getting excited about starting veggie gardening again.

Board Meetings are a Big Time: The Paint Creek Board is going to schedule a meeting but we’ve been having so much fun enjoying the gatherings that: well… we will just have to knuckle down and schedule it. When we do, we’d love to have your input!

Where the Creek Flows: Dedicated to PCFS members’ events.

Dave Falk hosts unplugged acoustic music at The Goldfish Tea room at 117 4th St. in downtown Royal Oak between Main and Washington every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 9:00.

Gilda’s is back! Evie Boss invites all on the first Tuesday of each month to Gilda’s Club in Royal Oak (on Rochester Road just north of 13 Mile Rd.) has a coffee house: dinner starts at 5:30, open mike from 6-7 and featured performer from 7-8.

Maggie Ferguson hosts Live! From the Living Room Acoustic Showcase on Friday nights. For more information go to

As long as we’re on the front porch, tune into WXOU FM. To listen via live webstream go to: Tuesdays between 5:00 and 7:30 pm for the best in contemporary folk music.

To submit all your upcoming gigs and events, email the details to Jack, KT Editor, at To have your event in the KT I will need the info by the 15th.

We’ll Be Jammin’: The Original Dulcimer Player’s Club (ODPC) is sponsoring an open acoustic jam on Tuesday, April 7, from 4:30 to 9:00 PM. It will be held at the Metamora Old Town Hall, 26 East High St. in Metamora (48455), across from the White Horse Inn. For more information please call Alice Gajewski at 248-628-5287.

Ridin’ Drag: Ever since I broke my elbow I’ve looked at the word fracture in a negative light. Fracturing your elbow produces powerful sensations of pain. Additionally you might experience symptoms of shock and your range of motion will be limited. This is why I grow touchy about the subject of fracturing things.

Still, I understand my Cousin Gerald’s philosophy. We were planning a small renovation on our house. There was a debate concerning the removal of a wall. After much hemming and hawing Gerald said,” We’re going to have to break a few eggs if we’re gonna make any mayonnaise”. Down went the wall.

What does any of this have to do with Paint Creek? Well from a guitar, or any instrument’s perspective, after I broke my elbow, I was hampered for a while. This made me think that fractures are bad for music. Not so. Some big name artists dedicated a whole album to the subject. If you go to <> you can read all about it. I believe they see the practice un-favorably. For you folks who are more likely to view fracturing like Cousin Gerald and feel let down, don’t be. Although there are no high profile stars on the recording, there is a song for you at:

Jack D. Ferguson, Editor


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