Keepin’ Tabs
May, 2017
Jack Ferguson, Ed.

Next Gathering: May, 6th in Lawnridge Hall.
What about the Circles?
Fiddles at Five: Marilyn Hotaling will be coaching fiddle at five.
Flute Circle: Meets at 5:30 with Don Hays. Come sooner if you want; they always set up early.
Harmonicas: Andy will be rockin’ at 6:00 with harps ready to wail – bring a C harp or one will be provided to you!
Banjo Circle: Meet up with Jack Ferguson at 6pm. This month we’ll continue with Jesse Winchester, “Cotton Eyed Joe,” and who knows what else. Practice your “Claw ham mer” stroke! Key of “G.”
Instrumental Jam: Come join with President Jeff Despard, Dotty Decker and friends. Be tuned and set up to play by 6:00 pm.
Membership Update: Paint Creek is bustin’ at the seams – we have a record number of members! That’s a great thing, but it means that the living room fills up. Be sure to show up at Lawnridge Hall a little early to get the best seats!
Presentation (7:30): Popular local performer, Julie Beutel presents: Songs for Causes. Julie explores how songs and singing can inspire and motivate us; create community; and say what needs to be said in a non-threatening way. This looks to be thought provoking and fun with sing-a-long opportunities for all!
Snackin’ Hosts: Maggie and Jack Ferguson

Song Swap Themes:
May – Animals
June – Story Songs
July – Picnic

Music Books: If you have a Rise Up Singing or Rise Again book, bring it with you to the gathering. We’ll be using them for the Song of the Month and at the Singing Jam after the Song Swap. If you don’t have one yet, there’s still a few available at discount prices.

A Note from the Prez: Well, here we are coming up on May at the moment (4/12) the weather is still not sure what it’s doing, but it looks promising. Hard to believe, but we’re about out of Song Swaps for this season and it’s about time for me to start thinkin’ up some new themes for next season. If you’re so inclined, put in a vote for a favorite theme by handing me an old fashioned paper note at the next gathering or two, or send ‘em along to me at . I’m only too happy to gen up a new set on my own, but it’s always nice to get a kick start and have some extra customer satisfaction.

Elections are Coming! No negative ads or debates – we keep it friendly! June is election month at Paint Creek. We need a few folks to join the board of directors, which usually meets only four times a year. Board meetings are fun, an hour long (occasionally two) and come with snacks! You can volunteer for any job.
– The President runs the Gatherings and board meetings
– The Vice President chooses the presentations
– The Treasurer keeps track of income and expenses
– The Secretary takes notes at the board meetings
– Members at Large advise the board
– There are also appointed positions: KT Editor, Membership Chair, and Webmaster.
This year we especially need a VP (or co-VPs) as the Ericksons are retiring. You don’t need experience – they can offer a long list of sources and ideas. We’d also love to see some new Members at Large.
Any position can be shared between people. If you’re curious but don’t want to commit, you can shadow or apprentice any position to learn more.
Talk to any board member about your interests. Being a member and paying dues is a wonderful thing, but the only reason Paint Creek continues every year is because people get involved.

You, Too, Can be a Snackin’ and Yackin’ Host!  We know that snack time is one of the highlights of our monthly gatherings because it’s always hard to get folks to come back for the Song Swap. Hosting the snacks is easy and a great way to help Paint Creek function as an all-volunteer group. Here’s how it works:
Paint Creek supplies the tablecloths, cups, plates, flatware, lemonade, and pitchers for lemonade and water. You bring snacks and lay it out, and PCFS reimburses you up to $75! Yes, you get a check from Phyllis that same night.
You can make treats yourself (like Barbara’s famous Cherry Squares), or swing through Costco and pick up pre-made trays, or anything in-between. Most people bring a variety – veggies, fruit, something salty, something sweet. Feel free to bring your own tablecloth or decorations – some folks go with a theme.
The only downside to hosting is that you might miss part of the presentation while setting up, but the upside is that you’ll be the most popular people in Lawnridge Hall. After the break you get to take your bows in the living room and bask in appreciation.
Any leftovers can go home with you or be set out for others to take. You (or your designee) should take the trash to the dumpster, and bring any used table coverings back clean for the next gathering.
Finally, you don’t have to host by yourself. Enlist a spouse, friend, or another ’Creeker (most of whom are experienced and happy to assist). Just tell Caylynn (the nice lady at the table) you want to be a snack host, whether you need a co-host, and when you’d like to do it.
Thanks to all who have served over the years – let’s hear it for the volunteers!

Board Meetings are a Big Time: Our next scheduled board meeting is 3:00 on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at the Erickson’s home.

Where the Creek Flows: Dedicated to PCFS members’ events.
Live! From the Living Room Acoustic Showcase is warming up for winter with:
May 5th Jon Shain- national touring artist – songwriter with Rust Belt roots.
May 12th Annie & Rod Capps with Jason Dennie – Michigan’s Sweetheart teams up with husband Rod and mandolinist extraordinaire, Jason Dennie.
Dave Falk hosts his unplugged Open Mic at the Goldfish Tea Room-117 W. Fourth St. in Royal Oak- on Tuesday’s at 7:00pm
To submit all your upcoming gigs and events, email the details to Jack, KT Editor, . To have your event in the KT I will need the info by the 15th.

Ridin’ Drag: When I scout the water I paddle a Rob Roy canoe. If you aren’t familiar with the design, think about a canoe that is partially decked. John McGregor developed the idea, had several built, and the result was a book titled, “A Thousand Miles in a Rob Roy Canoe.”
I haven’t caught up to John’s nautical mileage, but as spring advances I intend to embrace the joy that a simple boat has to offer. For the poor man’s yacht is the best example I know of how to demonstrate what Robb White called the “rule of joy” in his work called “How to Build A Tin Canoe.” According to Robb the “rule of joy” is explained thusly: “The important thing ain’t comfort, its joy.” Robb continues, “Joy in boats is inverse to their size. When they get big and full of engines, batteries, toilets, stoves and other comforts, there just ain’t as much room for joy.”
Well, I expect there are those who will disagree. It’s not a point to argue. Rather than debate, let’s enjoy a scout on your favorite paddle trail. Lead the way friend, I’ll ride drag.
Jack D. Ferguson, Editor

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