Keepin’ Tabs

August 2017

Jack Ferguson, Ed.


Next Gathering: There is no gathering in August, so enjoy the summer break and we’ll gather again on September 9th in Lawnridge Hall. The Song Swap theme will be Transportation.

No, that’s not the first Saturday of the month, but so many of us go up to Thumbfest that it’s hard to get a quorum!  For more info on Thumbfest, go to


Thanks Annette! Annette Richards opened her home to PCFS, once again hosting our Fourth of July picnic, and I mean to tell you there was story and song everywhere. And did you take time to visit Annette’s Pickin’ Porch? That’s my kind of APP. Well I’m looking forward to next year; thank you Annette.


A note from the Prez: Hope everyone is having a delightful summer! We missed some of you at the picnic; what a nice day, good food, lots of conversation and song. Remember that there is no gathering in August, so there’s plenty of time to take in a music festival or two. Why not come on up to the Midland Music Festival August 24-26

Don’t forget we still need a VP or co-VPs to arrange for our monthly presentations. Without a folklore presentation, we lose out on a big part of our purpose as a Folklore Society. Don’t be shy or nervous. There’s lots historical info on past contacts and presentations and Theresa and Jack have offered to support the new VP while they get their “sea legs.”  

Thanks from Joane Shulte

We received a thank you note from our dear friend Joann Shulte for our support and well-wishes when Al passed away.  A copy of the card is attached.


Board Meetings are a Big Time: Our next scheduled meeting is being held at Jack and Theresa Erickson’s on Sunday, August 13th at 3 pm.


Election Results: 

President                  Jeff Despard

Vice President           Maybe you?

Treasurer                  Phyllis Isabell

Secretary                   Joan Johnson

Member at Large       Maggie Ferguson

Member at Large       Pete Hartung

Member at Large       Terry North

Membership Chair    Caylynn Mather

Keepin’ Tabs Editor   Jack Ferguson

Webmaster                Andy Mather


Where the Creek Flows: Dedicated to PCFS members’ events.

Live! From the Living Room Acoustic Showcase is on summer vacation. Between tending Daffodils, planting onion sets, visiting Pellston, and breaking in a new composter, Maggie is gathering our next season’s acts. See you in September, for more information, go to

Dave Falk hosts the finest run open mic in town at The Goldfish Tea Room on Tuesday evenings. They start promptly at seven. The address is 117 W. Fourth St. in Royal Oak.   

To submit all your upcoming gigs and events, email the details to Jack, KT Editor, at . To have your event in the KT I will need the info by the 15th. 

Ridin’ Drag: I don’t have chapter and verse to support this theory, but I believe there is something about digging up boxelder stumps and wild grapevine root that enhances one’s spirituality. Perhaps it’s a primordial hearkening back to the commission given Adam to subdue the earth. So let me ask you neighbor, will activity with a chain saw, multiple axes, a sawzall, maul, sledge hammer, crowbar, assorted wedges and shovels under the July sun carry an individual to higher consciousness? Enlightenment?

Honestly, at the Baptist seminary the point was never raised. A pity, for my position holds that the answer may be discerned somewhere between “the sweat of your brow”, and “husbands love your wives”.

Consider this: the aforementioned activity causes sweat. The sweat results in the removal of a stump. With the stump gone the ground is reclaimed, amended and available for my wife to place her heart’s desire in the soil. She smiles. Can I get an amen?

Jack D. Ferguson, Editor                                                                      

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