Keepin’ Tabs
October, 2016
Jack Ferguson, Ed.
Next Gathering: October, 1st in Lawnridge Hall.
Fiddles at Five: Marilyn Hotaling will be coaching fiddle at five. Rosin up the bow and hang on!
Flute Circle: Meets at 5:30 with Don Hays. Come sooner if you want; they always set up early.
Harmonicas: Andy will be rockin’ at 6:00 with harps ready to wail – bring a C harp or one will be provided to you!
Banjo Circle: Meet up with Jack Ferguson at 6pm to review “Wildwood Flower,” then more.
Instrumental Jam: Come join with President Jeff Despard, Dotty Decker and friends. Be tuned and set up to play by 6:00pm.

Presentation (7:30):

For over 30 years, Neil Woodward has shared folk music’s warmth and wisdom throughout the Great Lakes region, earning him the title of “Michigan’s Troubadour.”  Neil’s traditional recordings are catalogued by the Library of Congress Office of Folklife, Smithsonian Folkways and by the Archives of the State of Michigan.  Who could be more fun and appropriate for a fall PCFS gathering?

Snack Hosts: Vicki Acosta and Joann Shulte

Song Swap Theme: Cowboys and Cowgirls. Then, after the swap don’t forget to join either the vocal jam, now located downstairs in the dining room or, grab some friends and do some instrumental jamming in the main room.
Membership are Due:  If you haven’t already done so, please return the attached membership form with your payment, either by mail or in person at the next gathering.
A Note from the Prez: Oooh, there’s a little nip in the air already – WHAAAT?! Yup, it’s working on Fall out there, but it will be nice and warm at Lawnridge Hall. It was nice to see everybody again last month, as we ‘kicked ‘er off’ for the new PCFS season. It was great to see several fiddlers stay after the fiddle workshop and join us again for the instrumental jam from 6:00 – 7:00 – thanks Dotty for leading. Then, unfortunately, our presenter didn’t make it, but undeterred, we pushed ahead with a few announcements and started right into the Song Swap. Well done for weather related tunes! A note for those who were not present: We’ve had great participation in the Song Swap this past year, which is wonderful, but that has meant it sometimes has run as late as 10:30 – 10:45. That has reduced the amount of time and participation for the traditional vocal jam, socializing, and instrumental small group sharing afterwards. For the near term we’re going to try limiting the number of songs a little (14 vs 18 sign-up lines) so we can also enjoy additional time for the vocal jam, etc. afterward. Let’s see how this goes for a few months and we’ll reconsider if needed.
And, speaking of the Song Swap:
• October theme – Cowboys/Girls -giddy-up!
• November theme – Beverages
Tin Whistle: Our annual fundraiser will be held on Saturday, November 12th this year, and it’s a big deal. This concert keeps our dues reasonable and is a great outreach to the public. Sign-up sheets will be available at the gathering, so put on your volunteer’s cap and we’ll get down to business.  A copy of the flyer is attached so you can print some out and post ’em around!
Board Meetings are a Big Time: Our next scheduled meeting will be on October 16th at 3:00 pm. Jack and Maggie Ferguson will be hosting.

Where the Creek Flows: Dedicated to PCFS members’ events.

Live! From the Living Room: 
September 30th – Opening Night Hootenanny: Dean Rutledge & Harry Miller and Jackie Davidson & Gary Brandt
October 7th – Joel Palmer Trio and John Finan & Sharon Tse
October 14th – Barb Barton and Dean Barnett
October 21st – Dan House and Leonardo
October 28th – Jan Krist & Jim Bizer (Halloween)
November 4 – Kerry Patrick Clark
November 11th – La Compagnie!
November 18th – Jerry & Morris and Larry Stevens
    For more information, go to

Dave Falk hosts his unplugged Open Mic at the Goldfish Tea Room-117 W. Fourth St. in Royal Oak- on Tuesday’s at 7:00pm.

To submit all your upcoming gigs and events, email the details to Jack, KT Editor, at . To have your event in the KT I will need the info by the 15th.
Ridin’ Drag: The Ole Scout is vacationing south of the picket wire, and will return to join us at the October gathering.