Statement of Purpose

  • To gather folk interested in folklore, song, folkdance and the love of music and musical instruments
  • To provide a meeting place for folk to share folklore, song, folkdance and the lore of music, and play musical instruments in folk and traditional styles
  • To search out the lore and legend of music and musical instruments
  • To encourage the exchange of publications and recordings for use as teaching aids for playing and singing enthusiasts
  • To exchange styles and discoveries in techniques of singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments
  • To develop and present hands-on and informational events as aids in furthering the understanding of instruments, singing, dancing, and playing styles
  • To provide the opportunity to perform before an audience so as to enhance singing and playing abilities
  • To offer knowledge, abilities, and skills to all ages and groups for education and entertainment
  • …And to have fun doing it!