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Paint Creek Folk Gathering/Folklore Society expands its communication to Statewide Folk Societies and the Library of Congress

Picking up from when the 1976/1977 officers for Paint Creek Folk Gathering were appointed…these officers took up the challenge to “get the word out further” in the social and music circles in Rochester and surrounding towns…President Tom Radcliffe, Vice President Glen Morningstar, Secretary Cheryl Creamer and Co- Treasurers Lee Rosano Sadovsky & Steve Diebold.

On July 8, 1976, the first letter to Paint Creek Folk Gathering was written by Vice President Glen Morningstar to begin a monthly news and information publication, “Hello Paint Creek Folk”. This first newsletter was mailed to the Paint Creek members and included a list of paid members and their vitals. This was to encourage communication between the members which by June 28, 1976 numbered 17. These newsletters included the information previously mailed in the meeting invitation postcards used for the April-June 1976 meetings.

All Paint Creek meetings, locations, subjects, news about members and Paint Creek activity highlights from July, 1976 to September, 1977 are collected in these first newsletters and housed in the Paint Creek archives.

In August, 1977, the Paint Creek officers collaborated on a banner newsletter to both communicate to the members and as well communicate to other folk organizations in Michigan and surrounding States. An appeal to the members was made to “name the newsletter”. Tom Radcliffe’s entry of Keepin’ Tabs was selected and Vice President Glen Morningstar constructed the prototype and with the officers’ approval, launched the first issue of Keepin’ Tabs in October, 1977.

Issues of “Keepin’ Tabs…a word or two from Paint Creek Folklore Society” were sent to folk societies in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Holland, Indianapolis, Dayton and the Library of Congress. We were particularly excited when the Library of Congress sent us “official” documentation letting us know they enjoyed our newsletter and were archiving the copies we were sending. Keepin’ Tabs became the glue that was helping the membership stick together and the thread that connected Paint Creek with other similar music, song and dance groups. Here’s a list of the Keepin’ Tabs editors over our many years…

Oct 1977-Aug 1979 Glen Morningstar Jr.

Sep 1979-Aug 1981 Tom Radcliffe

Sep 1981-Sep 1986 Judi Morningstar

Oct 1986-Jun 1988 Judy Dyki

Jul 1988-Sep 1994 Shel Decker

Oct 1994-Mar 1999 Robin Kaufman

Apr 1999-Aug 2001 JoAnn V. Bush

Sep 2001-Jun 2003 Jim Foley

Jul 2003-Current Mary St. Clair

Our hats off to these folks who have and continue to handle this BIG task that’s a key ingredient to our longevity…

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