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the seeds of Paint Creek Folk Gathering begin to spread and grow.

Picking up from when John Carter and Vince Sadovsky set their goals for Paint Creek Folk Gathering in November, 1974, the following year saw the Gatherings at the Folk Workshop grow from 7 or 8 returning attendees, to a dozen. You’ll recognize some names from this group…John Carter, Larry Heglar, Bob Hubbach, Mike Major, Mike McLean, Brian O’Keefe, Kathy O’Keefe, Dennis Piper, Lee Rosano Sadovsky, Vincent Sadovsky, Gerry Salerno and Lori Thompson (now Cleland). With the Gatherings gaining regularity, this dozen regulars brainstormed additional direction for the group. An informal Gathering concept grew out of that session, mainly to have workshops as a big part of the get-togethers making monthly gatherings a learning experience, a songbook, taking music into the community through concerts around town, and swapping songs and instrumental styles. Lee Rosano Sadovsky and Steve Diebold began to administer Secretary/Treasure duties.

In the Fall of 1975, Vincent Sadovsky held his first outdoor music festival at Addison Oaks Park on Romeo Road, northeast of Rochester. A poster and sign-up book for the Folk Gatherings were displayed left of stage at that festival. A goodly number of people signed up there to develop a mailing list of interested folk from the area. The months that followed were directed at deriving a semblance of order to the group and seeking additional regular attendees at the Gatherings. Members’ homes started to be used in rotating fashion as the meeting places.

April, 1976 saw the first mailing notice for the meeting of Paint Creek Folk Gathering. Postcards were the media used and the list was comprised of the people signed up from the fall festival and the current regular members. By the time of this mailing, the following people had joined the Gathering…Gene Clifford, Cheryl Creamer, Steve Diebold, Marilyn Osentowski, Tom Osentowski, Tom Radcliffe, Andrew Rosano, Dan Wlodkowski and John Wlodkowski. April 3rd was the date of that meeting and the topic of the meeting was “Songs of the Sea”. Tom Radcliffe’s home in Fraser was the meeting place.

The May 1st, 1976 Gathering was announced by the second postcard mailing for a meeting at John and Joyce Carter’s home in Rochester. John and Bob Hubbach poured over a hammered dulcimer under construction at that meeting before the song swap ensued. Glen and Judi Morningstar joined the Gathering at that meeting.

The membership was now at 23.

The June 5th, 1976 Gathering was held at the Rochester Folk Workshop in Rochester. During that meeting, the following officers were appointed by founder Vincent Sadovsky for 1976/1977:

President: Tom Radcliffe
Vice President: Glen Morningstar
Secretary: Cheryl Creamer
Treasurer: Lee Rosano Sadovsky & Steve Diebold

An applause approval of the appointments constituted a majority selection of those officers.

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