Charter of the Paint Creek Folklore Society (PCFS)

(Referred to here as the Charter)

1.  Explanation of Purpose 

  • To gather folk interested in folk music and other folk arts – those made by, for, and about ordinary people
  • To provide a gathering place for folk to share folk music, lore, song, dance & other folk arts
  • To play acoustic musical instruments, especially in folk and traditional styles
  • To search out the lore and legend of music and musical instruments
  • To learn about, preserve, and enjoy the best of the past and folk tradition
  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge, publications, and recordings for use as teaching aids for playing and singing enthusiasts
  • To exchange styles and discoveries in techniques of singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments
  • To provide a safe, welcoming environment for members to develop skills, and practice performing in front of others
  • To add to the storehouse of experience and expression future generations may enjoy
  • To develop and present workshops as aids in furthering the understanding of instruments, singing, dancing, and playing styles
  • To provide the opportunity to perform before an audience so as to enhance singing and playing abilities
  • To offer our knowledge, abilities, and skills to all ages and groups for education and entertainment
  • To foster communication between folklore societies for the achievement of common goals
  • …and to have fun doing it!

2.  Membership 

  • We are a group of friends
  • We are a  volunteer organization and each member is encouraged to participate to the best of their ability
  • To become a member, a person must complete a membership form annually, and pay dues
  • To remain a member in good standing dues must be current
  • The maximum number of members is determined by the capacity of the gathering facility
  • The membership chair will  advise the Board when membership is approaching the limit, and the Board may impose membership restrictions
  • Under restrictions, prospective members may  apply for membership after attending three gatherings

3.  Gatherings

       3.1.  Regular Monthly Gatherings

               Regular monthly gatherings may be held at such time and place as the Board may determine.  Members will be advised of any such determination.

      3.2.  Special Gatherings

             Special gatherings will be convened in similar fashion to regular gatherings with at least ten days prior notice.

      3.3.  Quorum

             The gathering of twenty or more members in good standing of Paint Creek Folklore Society at a regular or special gathering shall constitute a quorum of the membership.  This quorum shall have the power to conduct any of the

             gathering functions, including nominations for elections, voting, and amending the Charter. 

4.  Board of Directors

(Referred to here as the Board)

       4.1.  Board Membership

         The Board shall be comprised of:

  • The present year’s officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • The President Emeritus (the previous year’s President)
  • At least two, but no more than four, members-at-large
  • Four appointees: Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and Historian

      4.2.  Terms of Office

             The terms for each Board member is one year, commencing September 1st and ending August 31st.  No limit is placed on the number of terms a board member may serve.

      4.3.  Duties of the Board

  • Review duties of the board, officers, and appointees at the first Board meeting following election
  • Authorize entertainment and projects in the name of the Society
  • Authorize workshops, song themes and special programs for the membership
  • Authorize appointments of officers including filling of vacancies
  • Authorize any Treasury expenditure in excess of $200
  • Authorize membership policy
  • Initiate and facilitate the nomination and election of officers, or appoint a nominating committee
  • Oversee and direct the operation of the Society
  • Make annual fiscal report available to the membership upon request
  • Appoint the Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and Historian
  • Each Board member has authority to perform reasonable and customary duties on behalf of PCFS

      4.4.  Board Meetings

  • The Board will schedule meetings as needed
  • The time and place of Board meetings will be published in advance
  • Board meetings shall be open to any interested member
  • Each Board member is expected to attend board meetings, and may be removed from office by board vote, for missing three consecutive board meetings
  • Minutes of Board meetings are available to members on request

      4.5.  Duties of Elected Board Members

                 4.5.1.  President

  • Presides over Board meetings
  • Coordinates choice of gatherings and board meeting locations and dates
  • Provides direction to the membership for the structure of the gatherings, including themes
  • Presides over the gatherings of the Paint Creek Folklore Society
  • Welcomes members and visitors at gatherings
  • Ensures that gathering attendees have a chance to participate
  • Represents PCFS at appropriate functions
  • Negotiates and signs contract for facility
  • Shares financial duties with the Treasurer as needed
  • Promotes entertainment and projects In the name of the Society

                 4.5.2.  Vice President

  • Presides over gatherings in the absence of the President
  • Contacts, books (as required), and introduces workshop leaders for regular membership gatherings
  • Submits descriptions of upcoming workshops to the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster prior to each regular membership gathering

                4.5.3.  Secretary

  • Maintains a written record of major contributions at gatherings and distributes same to the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
  • Keeps and distributes Board meeting minutes to the Board with action items as agreed in the meeting
  • Sends any cards or letters as directed by the Board

                 4.5.4.  Treasurer

  • Receives all PCFS income
  • Deposits and disburses funds from the Treasury as required and maintains records of financial transactions
  • Submits the following:
    • Necessary forms, tax information, statements, and fees to appropriate organizations
    • Financial information needed to determine budget
    • Treasury balance at each Board meeting
    • Financial statements annually at the close of the fiscal year
    • Financial information at the request of the board
    • CDSS annual financial report at the close of their fiscal year

                4.5.5.  Members-at-Large

  • Serve as representatives of the membership to the Board
  • Serve as a resource to members unable to attend Board meetings
  • Provide ideas and guidance to the Board
  • Learn the duties of other officers and substitute in their absence

     4.6.  Duties of Appointed Board Members:

                4.6.1.  Membership Chair:

  • Advises the Board on membership policies and issues
  • Updates membership forms and collects completed forms
  • Greets members and visitors
  • Collects dues and visitor fees
  • Documents revenue and transfers moneys to the Treasurer
  • Updates KT editor with new addresses and emails
  • Updates the Board with the current membership count
  • Imposes membership restrictions if directed and maintains a waiting list
  • Coordinates gathering hosts and maintains supplies
  • Produces annual membership directory

                4.6.2.  Newsletter Editor

  • Creates and publishes an electronic newsletter to the distribution list
  • Maintains the newsletter distribution list
  • Provides a copy to the Webmaster
  • Prints and mails hard copies as directed by the board 

                4.6.3.  Webmaster

  • Maintains and enhances the PCFS website
  • Updates website information as it is provided
  • Publishes the newsletter on the website
  • Collects and maintains historical documentation
  • Provides updates to the PCFS History narrative to the webmaster

                4.6.4. Historian

        4.7.  Elections

                4.7.1.  Notice of Elections

  • Elections for Board members shall be held annually during the regularly scheduled June gathering
  • The membership is to be notified of elections in writing in the newsletter for the June gathering
  • Nominees for office are to be published with the notification

                 4.7.2.   Eligibility for Office

                        Any member in good standing is eligible for office

                 4.7.3.  Nominations for Elections

  • Any member willing to serve if elected may be nominated or volunteer for any office
  • An office may be served by two members elected as a team
  • A maximum of three parties (individuals or teams) may be nominated for each position
  • If three parties have not been nominated for each office, nominations may be accepted from the floor on election night to bring the total to three parties
  • Members-at-Large
    • At least two, but no more than four, Member-at-Large candidates may be elected to a one-year term
    • There could be four or more candidates for the at-large positions
    • The election will determine the number of positions filled, however, there will be no more than four Members-at-Large elected

        4.7.4.  Voting

  • Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the election gathering
  • An eligible member, properly nominated, shall be elected to hold only one office.
  • Unopposed nominees may be elected by majority voice ballot
  • A tie vote shall be decided by a re-vote until a majority is obtained
  • Discussion of candidates’ qualifications and objectives are encouraged to obtain a majority vote
  • In the case of  a tie, paper ballots shall be used to cast the votes and shall be collected and counted by two members as requested by the President

                4.7.5.  Filling Vacancies

                       If an office becomes vacant between yearly elections, it is to be filled by appointment by the President with approval by the Board 

5. Finances

        5.1.  Fiscal Year

                 Each fiscal year shall be twelve months, beginning September 1 and ending August 31

        5.2.  Dues

  • Membership dues shall be determined by the Board, and are to be received by the date of the regular October gathering of the membership year
  • The membership year shall be from September 1 through August 31 of the following- year
  • Notification of dues for renewal of membership is to be made in the September issue of the Newsletter
  • Dues are payable to the Paint Creek Folklore Society or PCFS
  • A membership fee of one-half the annual membership dues shall be assessed to those persons joining after February 28 of the membership year

        5.3.  Depository

                Dues and all monies received from Society functions shall be deposited in an appropriate account of a reputable banking firm.  The President, Treasurer and one other member appointed by the President of the Society shall

                be authorized to deposit and withdraw funds.

        5.4.  Withdrawal of Funds

                The Treasurer will authorize expenditures from the Treasury.  Non-recurring expenses in excess of $200 require Board authorization.  Once a majority vote by the Board has approved such expenditures, the President will direct the Treasurer to disburse that amount.

         5.5.  Payments

                 No part of the group’s net earnings may inure to the benefit of private individuals.  This does not preclude the payment of any reasonable fees for work performed.

         5.6.  Dissolution

                 In the event of dissolution, the assets of the group must be distributed to CDSS or to another non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status.

6.  Restriction of Activities 

       As a 501(c)3 organization, PCFS must not, as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against candidate for public office 

7.  Revisions and Amendments to the Charter 

      Proposed revision(s)/amendment(s) to the Charter shall be presented to the membership in writing at a regular gathering.  All members shall then be notified of the proposed revision/amendment by mail before the following

      regular gathering.  At the regular gathering following the proposal, the membership shall vote on the adoption of the revision(s) or amendment(s).  A two-thirds vote of the members present shall revise/amend the Charter.

       7.1.  History of Revisions and Amendments

               April 2, 1977 / Revised April 1, 1989 / Revised October 6, 1990 / Revised April 2 1994 / Revised April 5, 1997 / Revised September 8, 2012 

       7.2.  Members Revising or Amending Charter

               The following are members in good standing of the Paint Creek Folklore Society present at the time of revision/amendment of this Charter, September 8, 2012. 

Mike Acosta Jack Ericson Tom Keel
Vicky Acosta Theresa Ericson Lois Keel
Stevie Beer Barbara Esler Terry North
Dave Belferman Jack Ferguson G. Andy Mather
Evie Boss Maggie Ferguson Caylynn Mather
Howard Brown Marian Fisher Glen Morningstar
Phyllis Brown Jim Foley Judi Morningstar
Marty Buchanan Dianne Foley Dan Rogers
James Coon Joni Grob Barb Rogers
Jean Coon Sharon Hall Al Shulte
Dotty Decker Pete Hartung Joann Shulte
Phil Doolittle Don Hays Shirley Sikes
Althea Doolittle Alice Hays Mary St. Clair
Larry Weisman
Judie Weisman