June 3, 2017

Come join us at our next Gathering: June 3rd in Lawnridge Hall

What about the Circles?
Fiddles at Five: Marilyn Hotaling will be coaching fiddle at five.
Flute Circle: Meets at 5:30 with Don Hays. Come sooner if you want; they always set up early.
Banjo Circle: Claw hammer! Meet up with Jack Ferguson at 6pm. “Old Joe Clark” will be visiting in the Key of “G.”

Instrumental Jam: Come join with President Jeff Despard, Dotty Decker and friends. Be tuned and set up to play by 6:00 pm.

Presentation (7:30): Our June presenter, Chris Quinlan Gordon, has been playing spoons for nearly 50 years! She will discuss the history and techniques of spoon playing and will offer a hands-on opportunity for anyone interested. (If you have your own set, please bring them.) Chris is a Michigan native who recently moved back after many years on the east coast, so let’s make her welcome!

Song Swap Theme: Story Songs.
Then, after the swap don’t forget to join either the vocal jam, now located downstairs in the dining room or, grab some friends and do some instrumental jamming in the main room.