April 5, 2014

Open Jam:    Lawnridge Hall opens for jamming at 4:00 – bring your friends!

Ukulele Circle:  The Ukers gather with Evie Boss at 4:00

Mountain Dulcimer Circle: The dulcimers gather at 5:00

Native American Flute Circle: The flute group  gathers with Don Hayes at 5:30 (Come sooner if you want – they set up early)

Mandolin Circle: Mandolin players gather with Jack Ericson at 6:00

Harmonica: Join Andy Mather at 6:00 for some tuneful breathing – bring a “C” harp if you have one! 

(Come even if you dont own one – new, unused harps are plentiful and free!)

Presentation: John Parrish and Melanie Goldberg

John and Melanie are experienced international folk dancers, affiliated with the Old World Folk Dance Club, which meets regularly in Ferndale. John & Melanie will describe aspects of international folk dance, such as cultures, costumes, instruments, and folk dance styles from a variety of nationalities, describe the Old World Folk Dance Club, and demonstrate some dance steps. (Space restrictions preclude teaching actual dances with audience participation.)

Snack Host:  Jim and Diane Foley

Get the Hat!:  Phil Doolittle, John Parrish, and Dave Belferman will wow us all with a song about…

Song Swap Theme: “Wise and Foolish”

And more jamming until (almost) midnight!