September 6, 2014

Open Jam:   Lawnridge Hall opens for jamming at 4:00 – bring your friends!

Ukulele Circle:  The Ukers gather with Evie Boss at 4:00

Harmonica Circle: New time: 5:00  Come join Andy Mather for some breathing in and out at 6:00.  Don’t have a C harmonica?  No worries – free (new, unused) harps are plentiful. Feel free to bring some tab to share.


Native American Flute Circle: The flute group  gathers with Don Hayes at 5:30


The Mountain Dulcimer Circle is becoming the Banjo Circle: The Banjos will gather with Jack Ferguson at 6:00

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Fingerstyle Guitar:  New group!  Join Maggie Ferguson at 6:00


Mandolin Circle: Mandolin players gather with Jack Ericson at 6:00

Presentation:  Folk Festivals!

Snack Hosts: Evie Boss and Maggie Ferguson

Song Swap Theme: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Get the Hat!: We will choose the October Hat Band

And more jamming until midnight!