Welcome to Paint Creek Folklore Society!

What the heck did people do for music before Smartphones, iPods, Walkmans, or even Victrolas?
They made their own, and a lot of us still do!

What does a folklore society do?

Folk music and other folk arts like dance, storytelling, and crafts are not always about tradition.  Folk arts are made by, for, and about ordinary people.

We learn about, preserve, and enjoy the best of the past, and add to the storehouse of experience and expression that future generations will hopefully enjoy.

We have a lot of members who enjoy listening – you have to have an audience!  Other members are instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, storytellers, dancers,  historians, and poets.  Some of us are performers, from beginner to professional.  We are all volunteers and we all participate in some way.

So you don’t just sing Kumbaya?

We enjoy whatever people like to play and sing.  Sure, we like Paul Simon, the Eagles, Dylan, and James Taylor tunes, but there are thousands of other great sources that you’ve likely never heard.  Quite a few members write their own songs, too.

We have members who like Americana, Zydeco, blues, fiddle tunes, string band, gypsy, bluegrass, claw-hammer banjo, acoustic alternative, torch songs, gospel, cowboy songs, Celtic, country, barbershop, Appalachian, classical, contemporary Christian, jazz, even the Beatles… and lots of things that are hard to classify.

So anything goes?

It’s a family-friendly atmosphere, so we keep it to a PG rating.  We like acoustic music performed live, and discourage anything prerecorded or using amplifiers.

We gather monthly at Lawnridge Hall, a historic mansion on the campus of the University Presbyterian Church in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  We aren’t affiliated with the church; we rent this building because it’s such a cool place to play, and has plenty of room for all of us.  Lawnridge Hall is located at 1385 South Adams Road, between Hamlin and Avon.

Click here for a map.
Click here for a calendar of gatherings, and to learn more about a typical gathering.

This site is made possible by a generous donation from Denise Marie Stein. 

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